Press report


aerynn is a singer-songwriter living in Cheshire, England, bringing rich new songs written in Hawaii as well as both east and west coasts of the mainland USA.

Formerly the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter for a Hawaii-based alternative rock trio, she has since gone solo, embracing a corroded folk intimate style with acoustic guitar or piano to accompany her lyrical, vocal-driven songs.

She is working to transform her substantial repertoire of original songs into tangible recorded form, and enjoys meeting people while performing around Greater Manchester. For booking, please send an email to aerynnmusic[at]

Photo: aerynn

"We are absolutely THRILLED to have Aerynn back on our stage, after a long absence. Her unique sound, soaring vocals, and impressive musical structure has been sorely missed. Formerly the lead singer of the popular local band, Aethyrus, Aerynn is now performing solo. Pure and unadulterated."
~ Announcement from Kope Kope, Aerynn's favourite venue in Hilo, HI.

"Aerynn's hauntingly beautiful voice accompanied with her articulate lyrics awed the packed house. "
~ Local Expressions Hawaii, ARTventure Review